Our Physical Therapy Services

Our services include the diagnosis, treatment, management of movement dysfunction and improvement of physical mobility. Our evaluations and treatments are completed by licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers and trained support personnel. Our physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services may be an alternative solution to expensive surgery, and in some cases may be required for post surgery recovery.

Patient Testimonial

"Your treatment, and my results, clearly demonstrate your experience and skill. Thank you for helping me to recover from my injury. "

David W.

Physical Therapy Services

The purpose of physical therapy treatments is to restore, maintain and enhance optimal physical function and mobility. Physical therapy is not necessarily painful. Our physical therapy treatments are individualized according to your condition, and you can advance at your own pace. We offer treatments that address the need to recover from an existing injury, preventing the advancement of physical limitations, minimizing mobility restrictions, or resolving disabilities caused by accidents, sports, occupational related injuries, diseases or other life conditions.

Our personalized approach insures that you understand the exercises and treatments in your program. We will communicate with your physician regarding your progress, and manage the billing to your insurance company. We want to make your time at physical therapy as easy as possible and deliver the best possible results for you and your condition.

Sports Rehab Services

There is an old saying that "You need to get into shape to play sports, not play sports to get into shape". We believe that there is a lot of wisdom in that statement. Without proper sports conditioning, sustaining a sports injury becomes more probable than possible. If you are considering actively participating in any type of sport, comptetitive or recreational, we encourage you to contact us today to learn about our sports conditioning programs.

Our sports conditioning professionals will have you complete some preliminary testing to determine your general fitness level, and then develop a sports conditioning program with exercises that provide improvements for areas that are of specific concern or important for your type of activity.

physical therapyCardiovascular training is almost a universal concern as this allows your body to reasonably avoid the over exertion that can cause cardiac arrest, shortness of breath, dizziness and fainting. In addition we can work with you to improve strength of joints subject to sprains, muscles subject to tears or pulls, and related physical training and conditioning.